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 SLTF - Who we are and what we do.

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PostSubject: SLTF - Who we are and what we do.   Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:07 am

The Skye & Lochalsh Tourism Forum is a constituted collective of individuals, businesses and groups that care passionately about the Tourism Industry in the area, and the interdependancy that we all have on each other. The group is actively supported by VisitScotland, HIE, Highland Council and the Scottish Tourism Forum. It is our ambition, to raise the profile of tourism throughout the community, create a platform to allow two-way communication with everyone who benefits in any way from a healthy tourist industry, and to encourage effective collaboration between everyone involved to assist Skye & Lochalsh to truly achieve its potential on a global tourist stage.

Membership is free, and everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute in any way they can. Current membership includes representatives from every corner of Skye & Lochalsh, and just as importantly, from every business sector.

Our constituted objectives are as follows:-

1. To actively encourage the growth and development of tourism and tourism businesses in Skye & Lochalsh.

2. To establish projects which will enhance and improve the quality of the visitor experience.

3. To work together to set up an information network between members.

4. Be a member-led, non-profit making organisation.

5. To feed back to and involve other associated Tourism Bodies who could potentially bring benefit to the development of the Skye & Lochalsh tourist industry.

We currently have over 80 local businesses involved in SLTF, and since our Get Together for Tourism event in October, the number is growing day by day. There is broad recognition that at a time where global economic conditions are deteriorating, a cohesive and collective approach to developing our share of the tourist market is both desirable and neccessary.

We are already working with established groups in the area, and openly invite all others with any interest to develop lines of communication.

Our focus of activities will concentrate on the following sectors.


If your interest or business falls into any of these categories, don't be afraid to get involved. The more input we receive, the more effective we can become. Input creates discussion, discussion cultivates action.

To learn more about the Skye & Lochalsh Tourism Forum go to www.sltf.co.uk
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SLTF - Who we are and what we do.
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