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 Aiming high like never before

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PostSubject: Aiming high like never before   Wed Jul 01, 2009 1:33 pm

An analysis of the international tourism statistics brings out certain interesting aspects. Tourism registered an average growth of 5.6 percent in 1970-80 and 9 percent in 1960-70. International tourism showed a faster growth in the sixties primarily due to the reduction in the air-fares. In 1973, the Arab countries formed a cartel to charge higher prices for oil and consequently prices went up. This led to an increase in air fares and also a minor ‘recession’ in several developed countries, slowing down the average growth of international tourism during the decade 1970-80.

Remarkably, 16 industrially developed countries of the world generated 82 percent of the total international arrivals. The following 12 countries contributed only 65 percent of the international tourist arrivals in 1981. They include Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, West Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA. It is noteworthy that Europe accounts for over two-thirds of international travel both in volume and expenditure.

The overseas visitors spent $708 per capita per trip on an average. Tourism expenditure in the United States during 1981 generated 57000 new jobs out of the total number of 4.6 million jobs supported by the travel industry. Tourism provides more jobs than agriculture in US which supports 3.5 million workers. Recognizing the economic importance of international and domestic tourism, the United States Congress passed a Tourist Policy Act in 1982 allowing greater freedoms for the travel and tourism industry.

In Kerala tour operators became more professional and made an attempt to gain a major share of the international tourism receipts rather late. Even then, they could gain a significant share of the international tourism receipts only after the liberalization of the Indian economy. Most of the tour operators have now come up with the package tourism model to attract more visitors. The scores of tourism packages on offer have started attracting tourists in significant numbers and very recently scores of chartered flights have now started to frequent the state.
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Aiming high like never before
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